Hotel’s Mistake Leads To Foot Fest

Guys there is little to say here, honestly. This may be one of if not the hottest video IWF has done, at least in a long time. I’m going to keep the description brief and you just look at the GIF’s which even still don’t come close to doing this video justice. Three sexy young ladies, Sacha, Paris and Simone are on a conference trip. Well the hotel over booked and they’re left with one room to share. The girls are pretty bummed except for the ULTRA HOTT Sacha! She leans back on the bed and dangles a shoe and suggests that they could "make the best of it". The other girls are confused until she drops the shoe and puts her sexy, wrinkly, tiny pointed foot straight up in the air. The girls look and then begin to giggle as the get up and close in on that sexy foot. "Are you thinking what I’m thinking?", Simone says to Paris and Paris replies that she’s definitely thinking what Simone is thinking. Honestly beyond that look at the GIF’s. Share foot worshipping, SUPER HOT making out and then orgasm after orgasm to culminate into a three way make out. Hot sexy passionate worship of sexy pointy, wrinkly feet by three girls that clearly love feet and know how to worship them. This is no act people. This turned into a genuine encounter for all! Hottest making out and cumming foot worship we think ever. DO NOT MISS THIS VIDEO! NO MATTER WHAT!

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